Wednesday, March 2, 2011

First Grind - "EMS Anchors"

Recently, there has been much discussion in the EMS Twitter and blog landscape on the idea of colleagues who are holding EMS back from evolving as a profession, or as Mr. Ted Setla so affectionately refers to them as "EMS Anchors". We all know these folks and if you've worked in an EMS service for longer than a few minutes, you have a pretty good idea as to who they are. They can be the old warhorses that have been around since Jesus cardioverted Lazarus or even someone who is new to the profession but is all about complacency. These are the people who are holding us back from moving forward, and they must be destoyed.

Ok, not really. That's a bit much.

Bitter and careless, these monkeys on the proverbial back of progress are keeping all of us from bringing EMS to the forefront and allowing us to develop and sense of individuality as a profession. They come to work disshelved, unshaved and unprofessional looking. They complain about everything possible. They just don't care. In this line of work, it's not the way to be.

These are the people who are undoubtably going to be the 'anchor' (ah ha!) that slows, if not completely hinders EMS to move forward. So, what can we do?

Comment away and let's discuss!

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